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ISLAMABAD: A group of five members students CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences have designed a solar powered car.

According to local media reports, the students are pursuing electrical engineering from CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences. The group comprises of five members i.e. Ibrarullah, Ahmad Yousha, Muhammad Ghufran, Izaz Ahmad, and Ihsanullah, which designed the car as part of their final year project.

The fertile land of Pakistan is known for producing some the beast minds world has seen. The people however, share a special rapport with technologies; the late Arfa Karim and hacker Shahmeer Amir are good examples.

The talent is not just limited to computers the youth is also good with automobiles, as a group of students hailing from Peshawar have designed a solar-powered car, which can run at a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

“The government needs to support and encourage projects like our solar-powered car and make use of renewable energy common instead of fossil fuels which are one of the major sources of carbon emission into the environment,” said Ibrarullah.

Coming to the car, reports revealed that the solar panels installed on the car would provide sufficient energy to the car to go from “Gul Bahar area to Hayatabad without needing petrol or CNG.” The car can drive for 25km on a single charged battery.

Reports added that the students have installed a plug-in charging port into the car. “Everyone can simply charge the car at their homes or any other place where electricity is available,” added Ibrarullah

A recent report by the World Health Organization ranked Peshawar as the second most air polluted city in the world.


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