Pakistan`s premier energy exhibition to be held

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Staff Report LHR: Fourth international energy conference and exhibition on “Energy, Oil, Gas and Power (EGO) incorporating Solar Pakistan” will be held this week at Lahore Expo Centre. The event will be organized by Fakt Exhibitions (Pvt) Limited.

“EGO Pakistan 2015 would be highly informative, rewarding and would provide profitable business solutions to the associated industry. EGO- Energy, Oil, Gas and Power Exhibition Pakistan, is going to be the benchmark event in the energy sector, which would bring the energy resources and decision makers on one platform.” Spokesman of Fakt Exhibitions (Pvt) Limited said.

Apart from the conventional sources of energy generation like oil and gas, the exhibition would capitalize on the non-conventional renewable energy sources that are abundantly available in Pakistan like wind, solar, biomass, and coal. The exhibition would showcase latest technologies in oil and gas exploration, energy conservation and alternate energy and is expected to bring huge foreign investment in energy sector of Pakistan,” The exhibition and conference will provide opportunities to entrepreneurs in energy sector to develop their business by expanding their network, increasing linkages, and adopting best practices that are embraced globally.

The event will continue for 3 days in which as large as 100 international energy companies from 14 different states are expected to participate. The exhibition would provide boundless opportunities to strengthen the presence of indigenous energy sector in region.


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