PakTurk students win two world gold medals

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Three groups of students from different branches of PakTurk International Schools and Colleges got first position worldwide and won two gold medals in an international climate contest recently held in Kenya.

They also bagged third position globally in a science competition held in Indonesia and bronze medal in worlds largest science fair that took place in the US.

According to the details, Muhammad bin Aslam and Naqi Raza of Lahore and Alam Khatoon and Vishah Nazim of Islamabad won first position and two gold medals, while competing in the Golden Climate Project Olympiad in Nairobi, Kenya.

The projects they exhibited were Superior Braking System for Mountain Vehicles in Poor Countries and The Self-Washing Car System.

Similarly, the projects presented by Sameer Hussain of Karachi titled, Producing Electricity by Rain and another one termed, Preparation of Beauty Soap by Indigenous Algae designed by Hassan Rizwan and Vinesh Kumar helped them earn third position globally and bronze medals in International Science Project Olympiad (ISPrO) held in Indonesia.

About 600 students representing 70 countries presented 385 projects in the I-SWEEEP, worlds largest international science fair focusing energy, engineering, and environment.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world while seeing that they are not alone in their commitment to find solutions to the globes sustainability problems.


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 21

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