Plan under way to strengthen PCST, NCST

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is strengthening Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) in terms of human and financial resources and technical facilities, and establishment of a cell within PCST, wholly dedicated to deal with NCST matters is also in consideration.

PCST is acting as a secretariat of NCST, scientific data collection centre, and science and technology (SandT) policy advice think tank, encouraging high performance in SandT workers through cash awards, promoting international cooperation and publishing reports and reviews on the state of SandT in Pakistan, an official told the media.

“Both of these organizations need to be adequately strengthened on urgent basis in order to enable them to perform their functions efficiently and effectively”.

At the provincial level, he said, the existence of full-fledged SandT departments is very important, adding the major part of productive activity in industrial and agriculture sector is necessary at the provincial level. The execution of development projects as well as the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources is mainly the responsibility of the provinces, sources added.

The official said moreover the results of RandD effort agriculture, health and industry have to be utilized by different agencies of the provincial governments”.


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