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3G users reach 10 million figure

STAFF REPORT ISB: The 3G users in Pakistan reached 10.3 million as of February end, reveals a fresh data of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).
Telenor is leading the pack with 3.15 million users, followed by Mobilink (2.6 million), Ufone (2.47 mn) and Zong (2.12 mn). 
These updates also serve to keep the competitive juices flowing. Now some operators may treat the 3G race as a sprint, others a marathon - but they can pretend to ignore these subscription numbers.
While numbers look sound and future looks great for 3G in this country, there is a need to move towards “useful connectivity” solutions. The social sector, governance institutions and commercial usage-cases seem ripe for them.
To really unlock the technology’s economic potential, online commerce - or e-tailing - needs to be facilitated in this country. Right now, it remains shackled, thanks to absence of electronic payment gateways. SBP has done some work in this regard but it is deemed by tech folks as inadequate and pandering to the banking lobby. 


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