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Agri credit disbursement surges to Rs 288.7b

STAFF REPORT KHI: During first eight months of the current fiscal year (July-Feb. 2015) the banks disbursed Rs 288.7 billion which is 57.8 per cent of the overall annual target of Rs 500 billion and 32.3 per cent higher than the disbursement of Rs 218.3 billion made during the corresponding period last year.
The outstanding portfolio of agriculture loans has increased by Rs 34.2 billion i.e. from Rs 273.4 billion to Rs 307.6 billion by February 2015 as compared to same period last year. Five major banks as a group have disbursed Rs 150.9 billion or 59.8 per cent of its annual target and two specialized banks (ZTBL and PPCBL) also disbursed Rs 51.5 billion or 50.7 per cent of their targets of Rs 101.5 billion.
Fifteen domestic private banks collectively disbursed Rs 64.9 billion or 56.2 per cent against their target of Rs 115.6 billion. Seven Microfinance banks have disbursed Rs 18.9 billion or 67 per cent of their annual targets.


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