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Buksh joins hands with foreign firms for renewable energy

STAFF REPORT LHR: Foreign firms along with a local company Buksh Energy have recently agreed to invest around $400 million in Punjab to generate 200 megawatts of electricity through renewable sources.
“We are waiting only for a final policy from the Punjab government to generate 200MW via renewable power solutions, in particular wind energy, which will immediately bring foreign investment worth $400 million in the country,” said Buksh Energy Chief Executive Asim Buksh told media. He said electricity generation through wind had been undertaken in the southern coastal regions of Sindh via small projects, but no practical work has been initiated in Punjab so far, and studies in this regard are at a very initial stage.
“Our vision is to ensure that our company provides 5% of Pakistan’s energy needs via renewable sources by 2020,” Buksh added.
Buksh Energy is the first company to win a contract to establish a 10MW solar energy plant at the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bahawalpur.
“We also have plans to generate electricity via municipal waste as part of our long-term policy, but this will take some time,” said Buksh.
After having spent some years in providing solar technology, the company now is diverting its focus towards wind energy solutions.


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