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Cheeky Tech Choking Love

It really sounds odd to talk about love in relation to technology. But is it really something no linkage with technology or its only naive humans who can't really understand the concept of the linkage between the two. According to theorists of post modernists, there is always a linkage or we may say an influence of innovation on already existing natural passions. According to theory, everything in universe has some impact on each other void of the distance or remoteness; signifcance may be an issue but impact is always there.

Love is not among the gravely emphasized necessities of mankind i.e. food, clothes and shelter but it really is one of the most demanded thing; even other living speicies need it so they seek attention of others. These days its all virtual so is the love form too become a virtual phenomenon these days. It is indeed the necessity which makes the character of a person. Civilizations call it the cure of all the diseases too. Social we are only because of love.

The two factors considered here are both very much prominent. Technology shows different forms of love and love also uses different forms of technologies for enahncement, strength, proof or whatever one feels the need in relation with love.Technology is used for ease of use. Love is used to give someone a passion to work and live with innovation which is all natural rather than fabricated. Love leads to simplification of your lifes comlexities. Technology helps to solidify love.

Impact of technology on love has proven detrimental also as due to fabricated innovation, the issue of sustainability in love is indeed a real retrospective being observed by social researchers. We are focusing on the love which proves to be life lasting not just for lust, joy or satisfaction of ones needs. Love should be satisfying others needs which in true sense the love in reality and sincerity is.

Love is natural and technology is manly fabrication with many demrits which even are documented and researched after decades. Technology is ever contagious pervasively contaminating the natural products that even heart is repalced by newtechnology. We are not putting real love into leadership skill now, we don't love students for imparting knowledge or traning, we build our relationships on phone calls and business is trusted not becuase of humans are trusted but because the technologies are more stable and trustworthy incurring little cost and proving economic. Love too is not that difficult thing anymore but easy to show thing now via tech. Very economic the very precious passion has become. Its easy to say "I love you" as physically you are not that close to face the consequences of the words. Moreover, it is like a pudding to have everything available online. All the necessary ingredients are there for you which are mixed and practiced to win someones heart.

But, alas! Its far too fragile now. The relationships are not based truly on love which was there in Romeo Juliet. Or we see littlelove of the leaders like Winston Churchill, Diana or Martin Luther King. All we see is love with land or capital. We see teachers teaching not taking love as in reward but its all transactional now. Parents too are very much conscious about materials and money because of the Life in The City is artificially materialistic and filled with illusive attractions. Villages are also not safe as we have electricty there, mobiles have made their ways to villages, TVs and other synthesized products of eating and joy are also penetrating deeply into the hearts and minds of villagers. So, the contagious technology needs to be remedied with true loving leader who shows not the love with tech full of disruptions but gives us the teachings of Islam. This indeed will purify our love to a better degree.


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