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E-logistics platform created for mobile trade

STAFF REPORT ISB: Ministry of IT&T has supported to create a portal for facilitating mobile and electronic trade for Pakistan within and outside the country.
The basic objective of the portal is to use communication boom in the country to take information, knowledge and opportunities at doorstep through Internet and mobile devices, so as to enhance and optimize economic potential.
National ICT Research and Development Fund, a subsidiary of the Ministry had completed the project at a cost of Rs 38.2 million.
Official sources said that business conditions in the country are rapidly and fundamentally improved, ease of doing business, cost of doing business, compliance costs, trading across borders, time and access to market must be radically improved.
All of this is clearly doable with the technology at our disposal today, the sources said and added it is obvious that the communication boom in itself will not yield any positive results for Pakistan unless specific applications tailored for facilitating business and trade are available on internet and mobile devices. The trade portal is the first E-Logistics platform, an electronic single window that integrates end to end domestic and international trade of Pakistan on a single electronic platform integrating all the crucial elements of the supply chain.


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