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Flower plants can control environment degradation

STAFF REPORT ISB: Magnificent rose flower is an integral part of our culture, traditions, society and religion, which is called as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ as well as ‘king of flowers’.
“The majestic flower indicates that both kingliness (majesty, status and power) and queenliness are its inherent qualities,” said Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan while addressing the Rose Festival – 2015, in Islamabad.
The event was organised by the Pakistan National Rose Society (PNRS) at the F-9 Park.
Mushahid said that tfestivals like this Rose Festivals are of paramount importance for highlighting the significance of the rose flowers and their medicinal properties, in shape of rose water, rose jelly, rose oil and rose seeds, are often not valued, he told participants of the inaugural ceremony.
“Our environment has become contaminated, causing stinking smell all around us. However, widespread plantation of rose flowers are inevitable to make the environment perfumed,” he said.
President PNRS Iftikhar Awan, Patron-in-Chief PNRS Mian Zafar Iqbal, Secretary General PNRS Lt. Col. (R) S.A. Shakor and Patron & Editor PNRS Dr. Mahmood Hashmi, among others, also spoke the event.
PNRS members, who spoke to the event, shed light on the historical, cultural, societial, traditional and religious aspects of the flower.


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