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Fruit, veges sectors to get e-beam facility

STAFF REPORT KHI: Al-Technique Corporation of Pakistan (ATCOP) and Marine Group of Companies (MGC) have entered into a joint venture agreement to establish first ever E-Beam facility at Karachi for irradiation of food items, surgical instruments and gemstones. This state-of-the-art facility will enhance exports of fresh fruits and vegetables through decontamination and extension of their shelf lives. Although other methods of irradiation are being used, most of importing countries have specified E-Beam irradiation for goods export to their countries. Food and Drug Administration USA, World Health Organisation and International Atomic Energy Agency have already approved E-Beam technology for fruits and pharmaceuticals products. ATCOP is working with a vision to provide a commercial platform to internally developed technologies by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to industries and entrepreneurs of the country.


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