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HEC’s verification of fake degrees comes to surface

STAFF REPORT ISB: Scam of verification of fake degrees of top officers of country by Higher Education Commission (HEC) has come to light amid the reports that investigation by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) into fake degrees verification fraud is in final stage. The HEC has admitted finally the reports of verification of fake degrees of powerful government officers are correct. Earlier, the HEC was facing the charges of issuance of fake degrees and the new scam has exposed the credibility of this institution as anyone can get his fake degree verified. The scandal came to fore when illegal matters of appointments of sons, nephews, nieces of influential and powerful persons were subjected to scrutiny process. The grabbing of top posts of the country by the scions and relatives of influential persons with the backing of their fake degree deprived thousands of talented persons of their due right of induction in high posts by virtue of their higher education degrees.


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