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Horsomotive Industry: Bring it on in future

So we embrace it, the dilemma of technology mismanagement rising from our own very usage or abusage of techology in everyday or perhaps every-moment life filled with comfort and ease but actually are the diseases or at least antecedents of complex epidemics like obesity, the disease which is because of comfort and ease but making us suffer from psychological disorders or severe form. 
We are embracing the hottest ever year, the 2014, with no change in carbon consumption but rather the usage of oil is increasing leading to yet a bigger pollution problem as foresighted by the futurists of today. The acceleration of pollution may prove detrimental to our environmental endeavours thus putting a question mark in the knowledge driven societies with literacy rate almost 100 per cent to think what education system and its products or outcomes has given us, the consumers, hedonic-ism, individualism, capitalism and techno leaders. We have embraced the scum in our society polluting our attitudes, behaviours, value systems but no one will listen to them but the governments for they traded with them by selling luxuries at the cost of necessities and pure natural tech.
Because of tech dependency void of sensibility provoked by tech supported ads and capitalists reliance on tech to sell innovative products using highly controversial ad campaigns the harmony of our community and of our globe has been compromised for the sake of attaining high innovation index but ignoring the long run catastrophe one may suffer due to excessive use or abuse of technology. Governments banned the poor frugal man’s natural tech industry based businesses to gain competitive advantage in the global luxury markets full of fascination but hallucination factually. The investments were on the basis of dreams which rather than coming true turned into fumes that we now can’t even see what is obvious demolition of our value systems.
Technology engineered by our creator is indeed the best of the bests. It has for us the joy which is not exotic but simple and subtle inducing in our personalities peace rather than aggression and extremism. The use of cars has given rise to many social evils and has caused issues that are not going to be resolved but until we shift from automotive to horsomotive industry. The technology isn’t the solution but the mixture of compounds which can be used only in circumstances where we find no solutions from natural tech but it is motivated and guided by what we call self-accountability. 
We use not the automotive while we are going to a near-by market, we can avoid our visits to far places and keep ourselves busy in side homes contributing in social and domestic wellbeing which can overcome many psychological disorders, citizens can socialize thus raising the chances to coming across those who are in trouble and can extend a helping hand when they are socially privileged, rather than relying on tech the nature can be depended upon for many travelling, eating, enjoying activities in our everyday life, to overcome techno terrorism the nature can be nourished by reducing tech dependency to an extent that only old ones, extremely weak ones, females, deprived ones and special ones may use it only when it is critical, rational being can be back on old track of harvesting the basic necessities rather than becoming so called civilized innovative but dependent on markets which may suffer global recession in 2015 as we see in petrol supply demand problem....
The current oil issue isn’t just supply demand but the issue which has been volcanoed for decades because of the power loving groups pined for capital at the cost of being social and lead humans lively from front. We want everything to be led by the machines as now we are embracing driver-less cars which, of course and for sure, will result in unemployment. The guess what will happen when unemployed ones will get a gun or a bomb in his hands....We need to realize that the nature has good solutions in the tech which is purely natural and the current issue of transportation, getting infected by the oil availability, can best be handled but only if we realize the materialize the Horsomotive Industry. 
Natural volcanos do it smartly the destruction which in reality and in the long run is constructive but what we do having bad intentions of getting luxuries, fame, name, joy and self-satisfaction leads the development to devastation in the long run. The oil and transport tech are illusion in order which can be the tipping point for social care takers to takeover and devise policy to bring the past back in future.
Don’t ignore anything in future as it comes back with full throttle and much more forcefully but naturally as said by the futurist Dr. Sohail Inayatullah. We need to give way to it rather than banning it completely from the so-called developed cities. Civilization teaches us to live cooperatively but the techno leaders for the sake of ease in management and governance which is like taking the K-2 as piece of cake. Technology is effective in the short term but sociology is yet more effective in the longer time periods only if we realize that sociology isn’t only for humans but for all who are tech by nature or natural tech.


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