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InfiNet hires Real Solutions to promote brands

STAFF REPORT ISB: InfiNet Wireless has appointed Real Solutions Private Limited as a value-added reseller in Pakistan, under its policy to penetrate vertical sector and niche markets.
Real Solutions expertises in certain vertical sectors has enabled InfiNet to quickly gain momentum and it has already deployed InfiNet’s wireless solutions to some of its Tier 1 service providers, commercial banks, FMCGs, education and oil & gas customers in Pakistan.
“We approached InfiNet, researched their product line and found them a one-stop shop to target both price and cost conscious vertical markets. Now we are using InfiNet’s products in locations as diverse as high altitude, snow covered mountains and the deserts of Pakistan for a variety of different customers,” said Commented Imran Yaqub Raja, the COO of Real Solutions.He also said that their company is very satisfied with the performance, reliability, ruggedness and ease of management of the solutions.


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