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Pakistan, Nepal identify areas for farm technology cooperation

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan and Nepal have identified a wide range of areas for cooperation in the field of agriculture at the recently concluded first Pak-Nepal Joint Working Group meeting.
The meeting was held between the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Pakistan, and Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD), Nepal.
The meeting decided to appoint NARC Director of International Cooperation and MOAD Chief Foreign Aid Coordination as focal persons in the two countries who would establish regular communications and exchange ideas for practical steps to be taken for enhancing cooperation in the agriculture sector. 
It was also decided that new areas of cooperation would be explored through mutual consultations as exchange of experience in respective fields of agriculture would be beneficial for the two countries.
The areas of mutual cooperation identified were: exchange of germplasm experts; agricultural mechanization; bioremediation of sewerage/waste water; land resources and water management; bio-fertiliser and fertilizer use efficiency; integrating alternative energy and high-efficiency irrigation system; integrated plant, pest and nutrient management; forage production; rangeland management; pure breed improvement programme; post-harvest technology; dry fruits; sharing of technological packages on tea, coffee, ginger, large cardamom, turmeric, true potato seed and mushroom.


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