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Pakistan And South Korea Decide To Cooperate To Deal With Natural Disasters

SIDRA SAIF ISB: Pakistan and South Korea have joined hands to mutually cooperate to deal with natural disasters. The decision was taken at a meeting of Mushahid Ullah Khan, Federal Minister for climate change with Dr. Song Jong-Hwan, Ambassador of the Republic South Korea to Pakistan. The aim of this meeting was to enhance cooperation and build a strong tie between both countries in the field of hydropower, water, agriculture, livestock, industry and science & technology sectors in order to achieve a sustainable progress.

Dr. Song Jong-Hwan briefed Mushahid Ullah Khan about efforts of South Korea for Pakistan’s development particularly in the fields of water, hydropower, livestock, and agriculture. South Korean professionals are already contributing towards Pakistan`s progress and South Korea has been providing a hefty 350 Million USD per annum as low interest credit loan for different sectors including hydropower, livestock and water. He further explained that the Korean International Cooperation Agency is establishing a Pak-Korea Capacity Building Center for arid agriculture & livestock technology to contribute to the empowerment of the Agriculture University through the improvement of educational infrastructure, improve human and institutional capacities of Pakistan in the effective construction of infrastructure and agriculture technology by transferring Korea’s experience and know-how to the Pakistani counterpart, increase farm income through quality improvement and enrichment of products.

Mushahid Ullah Khan, admired efforts of Korea because of its eminent services in agriculture, water, hydropower, and disaster risk management. He further stated that the consequences of this cooperation can be fruitful for Pakistan in order to achieve socio-economic development goals.

Both countries decided to achieve targets within limited time frame by collaborative efforts and mutual understanding and play an imperative role for the ultimate development of the region and to tackle climate change-induced disasters, particularly floods, in an effective manner.





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