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Public safety devices developed by AIOU students showcased at an exhibition

Staff Report ISD: Public safety devices developed by the students of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad were put to display in an exhibition held recently which was inaugurated by the AIOU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shahid Siddiqui. The devices provide safety network against theft, robbery, accident, gas leakage and sudden break out of fire, said an official.  

The projects showcased at the exhibition included micro-controlled based systems to detect toxic gas, vehicle accident, security tracking, overheating, digital fuel gauge, ambulance tracking and monitoring patients’ health system, heart rate, temperature, weather, streetlight glow on detecting vehicles and caller ID.

 “These devices are quite cheap and easy to operate”, Dr Zafar Ilyas, chairperson of the university’s department of physics while briefing visitors at the exhibition. “There is a need to commercialize such scientific developments and this is how we can encourage academic institutions and students to come up with new innovations and creative ideas in the field of science and technology,” said Dr. Siddiqui.

The devices will be introduced in the market in collaboration with the industrial sector for public benefit.


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