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Techno messengers

We have seen messengers facilitating the messages to be sent to a certain destination with full devotion. They try to the message through by means of sending and receiving techniques which can guarantee the success in achieving a goal or objective. Some believe that whatever ease we go for to have max impact on the receivers to change the path from wrong to right. Messages often are very important and must to be sent across the board to all so that damage can be reduced.
We all have something that needs to be communicated, disseminated or forwarded to certain audience or perhaps to all for the social harmony and structure can be significantly but positively influenced keeping the global context in our mental scope about a framework for the future. We, humans, try this off and on to keep intact the very culture of society we think it is supposed to be or to keep our needs be getting satisfied, however, via a maneuver by transactional leadership focusing neatly but only on financial aspect of society’s niche for fulfilling the goals which are good for nothing or for the sake of joy or may be for a small group seeking hegemony in market.
The techno messengers, one who relies on man-made tech for sending and receiving messages for ease, efficiency, economy and apathy (usually projected or boasted), are of various kinds and categories in our society. Usually, the techno leaders get heavy reliance on this sort of message transmitting strategies paying negligible attention to the outcomes it may have on society’s overall harmony and peace. As we all are leaders to some extent and in some context so heavy reliance on technology for getting it done via tech results in issues which are called disruptions of innovative kind though they do contribute as a flare to dare the fire ignition process from initiating and turning a huge number into ashes. Technology has done it swiftly to get diffused in our generations and transform our behaviors and attitudes from being natural to abnormal inorganic full of carelessness and hedonistic values which of are fueled by individualism and capitalism.
A recent techno messenger in focus is the message from a hero who really has not tasted leadership but the techno leadership due to heavy reliance on camera, movie, transmission, cinema, information and other communication and mass media technologies. The effort was good enough to clearly identify the wrong numbers in our society which we keep dialing to get the job done though it is done via socialization which is organic ingredient of mankind but the way it is now being exploited is resulting in systematic catastrophe in our globe. The movie technology was used to tell what God is all about and who does we seek when it troubles us to a situation which is threatening our life or family or society. It was really hard and will remain hard to clearly send the message of God about God to the believers of God for it requires a lifetime polite, loving, caring and socializing leadership to change the dogmas resulting in a society full of love and care. Techno messengers will contribute a bit ripple affecting the situation overwhelmed with tremors for society to catch the meaning though cases would be there where flare works to show the way forward but just lightening flare won’t guide us properly rather a person dedicating whole life would make a difference but with altruistic behavior not for a small society but the whole universe.
Feelings of believers are very sensitive which requires delicacy and very much a silent preacher attitude to pave a path in heart which will make it soft enough to feel the pains of others and believe what is logical and real rather than fabricated by techno leaders for ease and economic management but void of egalitarianism. It indeed requires sophistication which is all organic and knowledge management of preacher is only learnt via live personal interaction copying which at times is impossible but not at all impractical for doers. Touching the nerves, which are somehow linking the humans with a belief system which connects us to God and whoever and whatever the way would be to get the satisfaction of our spirits and minds, is systematically a complex phenomenon overwhelmed with love and sacrifice although at times it is not right but wrong still touching it using technology isn’t proved to be the right way as curing organic diseases through inorganic medicines results in side affects which result in disasters in the long run.
Amish school of thought may be right though it needs research to generalize the outcomes but to be organic one may say that somewhat controversial Muhammad Asad’s teachings do have something right to do everything right way which is the way of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Adopting new technologies for the sake of achieving the goals may prove detrimental to society. We may require to teach and preach in the way of Holy Prophets the real leaders of society. Using technology for propagating the message may result in riots as it requires to slowly kill the evil which is social for a healthy society full of love would be the result of a remedy rather than killing many which would result in more anarchy for a monarchy void of justice and socialization of altruistic nature; using not the technology but the natural tech resources having little interference of manly fabricated ideas, strategies and policies to govern.


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