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The Lurking Networking

Foresight gives deep insight of the suspicious technology from a perspective which is long term and generalized by not one but a group of stakeholders. Networking foresight reveal some strange outcomes. We heard about the CIA new chief saying something about the "Dark Technologies". Which indeed reflects the lurking networking behavior in our lives.
Networking are the most important part of our lives as they help us in socialize despite the remoteness they are pursue. Networking via internet is just a retro of the old concept of sending and receiving information for success in any field of grave concern. Networking in the history was full of social networks communicating, participating, playing, discussing different things lively on the planet earth. Now, it is all done without knowing who is person is. The communication is all but a proxy as we have not the info about the traits and dispositions communicated by the face, gestures, body language etc. It is kind a lurking networking we embraced for we only know the words communicated which indeed is very limited form of communication. We need to indulge into speech patterns, word usage patterns, typing patterns etc. to get into the depth of communicating person which again is easy to manipulate.
Thus, we are consciously and unconsciously lurking in the world of internet. We don't know how authentic the information provided is and who is the researcher, what is his or her qualification, how sincere is the person to humanity, when and where can we get him in case of any mishandling of what he suggesting us to go for a certain issue in our lives. There is no clue but just info which needs to be scanned for purity and effectiveness.
Governments are taking measures to validate the websites as US government owns the web  portal rendering information about the health issues and all possible support of the government in this regard. Bangladeshi government helps its citizen to understand the holy Quran by validating a web portal translated and explained by a religious leader. Governments are owing some of the web portals but the issue remains as the number of web sites are increasing in a matter of fraction of second (right now they are about 1.104 billion).
We need to observe the things deeply from social perspective also. Networking in the world is facing obstructions but online we are able to create social networks. In society, we have many issues as even small societies are building up their small networks for securing their properties but which are indeed hindering the free movement of neighboring and almost integrated colonies. In networking we are facing the principle that we need to open up the networks to increase the value of networks. With each and every node added to a network will ultimately increase the value of network as information shared increases. However, we must consider the cons.
We are suffering from de-networking socially in real life model. Virtually we are active and really we are passive. Information is not shared in totality and is without frugality. Complexity and sophistications are getting their prominence. Entropy's rate has be exponentially moving with the ever increasing web of virtual world and decreasing real networking activities. Wonder what impacts the spiritual world having from this virtual world? Can be a good future research conference topic involving the spiritual and virtual leaders (Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg). 


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