PRAC rises to get increase in crop production

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STAFF REPORT IBD:The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has retrieved the coordination system for research and development among the public research institutes at federal and provincial levels, private sector, academia and NGOs for high crop production for the betterment of farmers and rural community.

“PARC will extend all possible coordination to NARS for the improvement of oilseed crops in the country through germplasm acquisition and distribution, holding of planning meetings, travelling seminars and capacity building of the NARS partners,” said Dr. Munir Goraya, Member (Plant Sciences Division) PARC, while presiding over a meeting of “Oilseed Crops Cooperative Units” at here PARC HQs.

Oilseed crops experts from various federal and provincial research organisations participated in the meeting and shared their knowledge and experience.

Dr. Goraya urged the scientists to have in depth discussion on the constraints and issues, highlighted by participants during meeting and devise national collaborative strategies to address them.

Dr. Azeem Khan, Director General NARC highlighted the issues of availability of certified seed of varieties/hybrids. He urged to have coordinated efforts to enhance the supply of certified seed.


Published in: Volume 04 Issue 51

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