Problems Behind Soybean Cultivation in Pakistan

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Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) is an important legume harvest. The universal growing (prenominal), incremental end of soya bean is due to its unique maker, valuable nutritional importance, heal avail and suitableness to the dissimilar emblem of sully and climates and changeable consequence uses. It is multidimensional in its uses but far mature for its eatable beans. Many products are fed by this in the sustenance trade such as tapioca, anoint, cookies, qualifier, colostrums, legume cheese, E322 and much more. Soybean (Glycine max L.) is the most influential protein and anoint fruit in the globe. Local performance of soya bean is tiny and indicate of soya bean as soy anoint and soy pulverize has to get privy to suffer the necessary of the rude. Its growth remanent narrow to a grave acreage and conduct a waning tendency and no efforts were made to its advancement. Due to its proud nutrient worth it restrain 18-22% smear and is highly agreeable in the session and have 40-42% religious sort protein. In Pakistan, it is categorized as one of the no-agreed oilseed mows. Although soya bean as an oilseed hunting crop was inserted in Pakistan during 1970’s. At instant, the United States of America has the biggest extent under its cultivation. Soybean is also refined in other ability of the Earth inclose Brazil, Peoples Republic of China, Argentina, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. But in Pakistan, it is assumed to be full-grown in northward sphere since clock immemorial. Black and hazel black soybeans have been ripe from venerable set in the hills of Hazara, Swat, Dir and Kurram Agency for the Christian nutrition and livestock hay. Alight breed of soya bean appeal to “Mothi” is learned in Hazara neighborhood for feed and meal. Soybean, as an oilseed browse, is under examination for more than 20 donkeys in all the provinces of Pakistan. Several tempt have been made during the same era to begin soya bean for shoppy plantation but no inspiriting succession was complete. In the above soya bean is genteel on a bulky ascend in Pakistan and found as a proud accommodating pluck and farmers were very successful from soya bean concede that it effectuates the feed requisition both for Human and Animals. But shortly it is ripe on a very inconsiderable graduation in Punjab, Sindh and KPK provinces and decorous lessen from last five yonks. Now in some areas of Pakistan soya bean germination is not see if cultivated even on a small scale. Reasons behind soybean cultivation in Pakistan are:

  • Climate change is the big reason
  • Improper marketing
  • Non Availability of high yielding varieties
  • Irregular rainfall
  • Poor quality Seed
  • Minimum Research station for soybean
  • Lack of Agricultural Scientist Research on soybean cultivation
  • Variation in planting time
  • Damaged seed

We can heartbroken this proposition and exaggerate soya bean performance among slender tenant farmers in Pakistan also through the custom of Rhizobium ovination and frugal relevancy of Phosphorus and to assist our bemire nutriment steady. By this highway, we get our bewildered posture for soya bean culture.

 This article is collectively authored by Umer Ijaz, Anam Zia, Hoorain Fatima Department of Agronomy University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.


Published in: Volume 08 Issue 35

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