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Masters or Slaves of Technology

we have really become slaves of modern technology. Our earth is in dire need of felicity and complacency. No doubt,

Bilingualism in Pakistan

In order to undertake the most arduous and perplexing tasks of the ultramodern world, language is the indispensable factor owing

Clean Coal Technology

Coal is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels. When burned, it generates emissions that contribute to the crippling challenges like

Medical Waste and its Management

Medical waste is a special type of waste that is generated in small quantities carrying a high potential of virus,

Architecture Industry in Mitigation of Climate Change

No doubt, climate change is one of the perilous and critical contemporary issues of the world which has hampered the

Electronic waste, an environmental hazard

E-waste simply means electronic waste. These are the electronic products that have become undesirable, outdated or have reached the end