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Taenia Sagenite known as beef worm, its pathogenesis, treatment and preventive measures

Many different worms effect the live stock industry one of the most common is taenia sagenite. It is Commonly named

Corona Virus: Its outbreak and side effects in China

Authors: Dr. Ali Raza, Dr. Muhammad Amir Aslam, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Aleem from Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science,

Tetanus: Its epidemiology & preventive measures

Author: Dr. Ali Raza Co Author: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Aleem From beginning, humanity is fighting with different infections that includes

Foot And Mouth disease (FMD): Epidemiology & control measures

Author: Dr. Ali Raza Co Author: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Aleem FMD emerged  as one of most dangerous disease for dairy

Rabies: Its Zoonotic importance and control strategies

Co Author: Dr. Muhammad Tahir  Aleem  There are many zoonotic diseases but from dog point of view rabies is considered

Nosocomial infections: Epidemiology and Preventive Strategies

Nosocomial infections is one of the biggest source of infection for mankind. From the beginning mankind is suffering for different

Dengue fever emerging disease & its control Strategy

Dengue fever is an emerging viral disease all over the world especially developing countries i.e. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka