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A Business Opportunity (Sugar,Sugarcane & Industry)

Sugar Sector:  Pakistan’s MY 2010/11 , Sugar production is forecast at 3.77 (MMT). Up 10 % from last year’s estimate of

Development & production of different grapes varieties in tropical region

In less than 50 years, grapes cultivation in tropics has changed from being somewhat of a horticultural curiosity, but it

Drip Irrigation (New Technology)

Drip Irrigation is a micro-irrigation system that has the potential to save nutrients and water by allowing water to drip

Fertilizer advance methods for horticulture crops

The effects of slowly available nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrification inhibitor-added fertilizer, and block fertilizer are recognizing to have high effects.

Food technologies to preserve quality of fresh-cut produce

Food preservation is critical for keeping the global food supply safe and available for consumers. Food scientists study production and processing