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Leishmaniasis types and causative agents

Leishmaniasis is a term used to describe a number of closely related diseases caused by about 30 distinct species, subspecies

Termite caste development, it’s damages and control

Termites are eusocial insects that are classified at the taxonomic ranks of the order; ‘Isoptera’ and family; ‘Termitoidae’.Termites mostly feed

What do you know about ‘Bed Bugs’

Bed bugs ‘Cimex lectularius’ are the parasitic insect and they belong to a family “cimicidae” and order “Hemiptera”.They have piercing mouth parts.

Aphid damages and it’s management

APHIDS are the small and soft bodied insect that can move in almost any zone.Aphids prefer the bottoms of leaves

Clumsy emergence of Mosquito diseases in Pakistan

Mosquito is a small and midge like insect that belongs to Culicidae family. According to AMCA (American mosquito control association)