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37 films to screen at Beijing International Science and Technology Film Festival

Thirty-seven outstanding domestic and foreign films on subjects of science and technology will be screened at the Beijing Science Center,

Beijing-Tokyo Forum Helps China-Japan Relations

Beijing-Tokyo Forum Helps China-Japan Relations Enter a New Era: Enhancing Mutual Trust by Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation “This is

China Launches Gaofen-7 New Earth Observation Satellite

China launched Gaofin-7, a new Earth observation satellite into orbit atop the Chinese Long March 4B rocket from the Taiyuan

China starts development of 6G, having just turned on its 5G mobile network

China has officially launched research and development work for its 6G mobile networks. The country only just turned on its 5G

Nanorobots on track to revolutionise disease treatment

The tiny robots are able to move within a patient’s body to treat tumours. A major challenge is how to

China’s Nobel ambitions on show as dozens of science laureates meet in Shanghai

Chinese academics and young scientists join global scientific elite to explore frontiers of researchInternational joint laboratory announced at Shanghai forum

China scientists’ bubble breakthrough creates micro ‘robot’ for tiny tasks

Chinese researchers have created a “bubble bot” which can be directed by a laser to perform intricate microscopic tasks, including

CERN Council Appoints Fabiola Gianotti for Second Term of Office as Director General

The CERN Council selected Fabiola Gianotti, as the Organization’s next Director-General, for her second term of office. The appointment will

Chinese mapping satellite launches on Long March 4B rocket

An Earth observation satellite designed to collect three-dimensional mapping imagery rode a Long March 4B rocket into orbit Sunday with

China, ASEAN vow to strengthen cooperation in smart city policy making, planning

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) pledged here Sunday to strengthen cooperation in smart city policy making