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Power tariff increases by Rs1.56 per unit in Pakistan

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) issued notice to power distribution companies for increasing in tariff of Rs 1.56 per

CNG stations closes across Punjab & Islamabad from 28th Dec to 10th Jan 2020 due to gas crisis in Pakistan

The current gas crisis in Pakistan made life of citizens difficult worsening day by day due to cold weather in

Coal shares in power generation rises to 25% In Pakistan

Pakistan has surprisingly used historically high amount of coal for power production which accounts for around one fourth of the

Government provide economical options of renewable energy in Pakistan

Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan said that Pakistan encompassed high-quality options of renewable energy for providing economical energy

China helps Pakistan in resolving energy crisis

Deputy Counsel General of China Peng Zhengwu said that China is extending full support to Pakistan and power plants based

OGDCL starts drilling shale gas well KUC-01in Hyderabad

Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL) started drilling of first shale gas well in Hyderabad for exploration of unconventional

Russia dedicate to invest $2.5 billion for gas pipeline project from Karachi to Lahore

Russian delegation dedicated to invest up to $10 billion in Pakistan, beginning new chapter of economic relations between Pakistan and

Young painters pay tribute to farmers of Pakistan by painting walls

Pakistan’s leading fertilizer brand Sarsabz, as part of its Salam Kissan invited young painters from across Pakistan to pay tribute

WWF recognized Prof Tahira Rauf for producing cheap electricity from street garbage in Pakistan

WWF recognized Prof Tahira Rauf to produce electricity from street garbage with cheaper and environment friendly technology helping to overcome

KE & Engro construct 1st Plant to produce electricity with solid waste in Karachi

K-Electric and Engro Energy have inked MoU to produce 50MW electricity with solid waste to reducing the impacts of climate