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Broad Tapeworms Current Scenario of Diversity in Wildlife

Broad tapeworms are the parasites belong to family Diphyllobothriidae which are notorious in nature and pose great threat to public

An Overview of Brutal Parasites: The Killing Machines

Apicomplexans are the members of  a large phylum Protista, most of them are parasites. The known apicomplexan parasites of humans

Tick repellents & Remedies to stay safe against Tick bites

Authors: Hammad Ur Rehman Bajwa Muhammad Kasib Khan Saad Salman Khan Nauman Iftikhar Muhammad Rashid Khalid Bajwa Muhammad Uzair Asghar

The perspective towards dengue virus ailment

Dengue is the most serious public health problem around the globe, now a day’s researchers are focusing towards understanding that

Parasites – world’s complex creatures current scenario

Parasites are those organisms which exist in abundant form on our planet earth. They have complex kind of diversity. These

Parasites of fish are on the rise

There is a complex relationship between host and parasites, so this relationship depends upon various factors which are important for

Medicinal plants and their miraculous benefits

The plants which are being used as or in place of conventional drugs or having properties like those drugs are

Climate change and some brain storming facts

Climate change is one of the most discussed word now a days, among the gatherings, wherever people gather they talk

It’s all about ‘Gherelin’ do you know ???

Nutrients and diet have greater impact on expression of genes, recent research is going on about interaction of nutrients with

Interesting facts about parasitic plants and their nature

Parasitic Plants & Animal Relation: Parasites are the organisms which rely on another organism for food, shelter, safety and in