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Agriculture subsidies in key developing countries

Agriculture is a centuries old profession across the globe serving humanity by providing three basic necessities of life (food, fiber,

Control of Pink Boll Worm in cotton Via PB ropes

The pink boll worm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), is a lepidopterous insect that feeds within the fruiting parts of malvaceous plants. 

Role of honey bee in pumpkin

Vines crops for example as pumpkin, squash, cucumber and watermelon are some of New York State’s most valuable vegetable crops.

Wastewater treated in activated sludge system

Wastewater treatment was treated in two continuously aerated activated sludge systems at high and low dissolved oxygen(DO), at three temperatures

Soil microbes foe or friend

Soil contains more microbes in a teaspoon than the human in the whole earth. Soil microbes contain beneficial, as well

Pan traps effectiveness for insect population sampling

Shading is an imperative attractant for some, bloom visiting creepy crawlies (anthophilous). Therefore, pan traps catching is a proficient system

Resistant problem addressed via stored insect pest

Resistance to insect pest : Stored product pests have long been a problem in food processing plants, warehouses and storage