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How could smartphones change in the next 10 years?

It’s the end of the decade, and you’re seeing plenty of retrospectives rounding up the last 10 years of smartphones,

Techno Economic Glitch

Analytical process not being focused by the leaders in choosing tech for nations. We need tech but to what extant

Converting Weakness into Strength in the Entrepreneurial University Framework

The universities are trying to connect with industry and promising to deliver good value to the society along with teaching

Challenging advanced experimental Physics lab at LUMS

The Advanced Experimental Physics Lab (PHY 300/500) is indeed one of the most challenging yet intriguing courses offered by the Physics Department

Transforms digital photography with HUAWEI Y9s

The global leader in technologies and telecommunications Huawei has created another masterpiece of innovation the HUAWEI Y9s with a Kirin

What is expected of the new Samsung Galaxy S11

It’s not even 2020, and we’ve already got some very solid leaks and rumors of the upcoming masterpiece Samsung Galaxy

Network Monitoring as a Discipline

Cisco network monitoring tools are essential to keep watch on your equipment, monitor usage and create alerts and notifications when

Renowned leaders pay tributes to Syed Babar Ali on his contributions uplifting the society

A galaxy of renowned leaders from different fields paid tributes to Syed Babar Ali at a grand gathering organized by

Go Green: How flat container homes helps combat climate change?

With the surging climate change, green companies are responding by producing sustainable homes. Built flat container homes are part of

An Introduction to Ball Valve: Its Manufacturing Process and Importance

Most people who are not working in the manufacturing industry do not know the importance of ball valves. For starters,