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Heavy metal contamination in soil: Addition of amendments

Trouble of heavy metals in soil: Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, metal refining plants using pyrometallurgical processes have generated

Sustainable Development

The Brundtland Commission’s brief definition of sustainable development as the “ability to make development sustainable—to ensure that it meets the

Climate change and major food crops of Pakistan

Change in climate is mainly attributed to the unabated increase in greenhouse gases, including fluorinated gases, carbon dioxide, methane, and

Climate change and maize

Climate will have adverse effect on both developed and underdeveloped countries but developing countries will have to face severe consequences

Zinc (Zn) as a fertilizer

Zinc (Zn) is an essential nutrient for all organisms, with potential roles in 1000s of proteins in plants and humans.

Depression: Rising Alarmingly in Adults of Pakistan

Depression is a great cause of morbidity around the world. Not one person seems to escape the hollow dread that

Smog: A common concern for all of us

The word smog comes from integration of two totally different words “smoke” and “fog”. It refers to the type of

Global cancer burden: Causes, Types and Estimations

In the year 2018, estimated values of global cancer cases are increased to 18.1 million and total 9.6 million deaths.

Air pollution sources and impacts in Pakistan

Air pollution in Pakistan’s urban regions is among the most severe environmental problem in the world and it caused considerable

Pakistan and water scarcity: An alarming situation

According to IMF, Pakistan is listed in top 15 countries of the world with serious water scarcity issues. This estimated