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Benefits and processing of cluster bean gum

Cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) is belong to Leguminosae family. The common name of cluster bean is “Guar” in Pakistan. Cluster

Plant sampling techniques and crop nutrition

Crop nutrition management is important in sustainable agriculture. Plants needs food and they get through organic and inorganic nutrients. Soil

Quinoa: a great source of saponins

Agriculture is important business in the world. It provides basic necessities of life like food, feed and fiber. The agriculture

Sustainable soil management and climate change

Sustainable soil management is defined as soil services like supportive provisioning, regulating, and cultural amenities are regulated and increased. Considerably

Waste management strategies and climate change

Waste management is an important global issue now a days. The carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in atmosphere rose gradually. The

Soil and irrigation water detection impact through analysis

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. Its economy depend on agricultural products. Pakistan has all natural resources which is for

Biochar the integrated solution strategy to mitigate climate change in Pakistan

We need efficient management to use natural resources in environment friendly way. We get everything from our soils. Without productive