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Inclusion of minor legume crops in cropping system

Intensive and fixed cropping system of Pakistan leads towards the gradually decline in soil fertility and soil health. Population growth

Tissue culture for making disease resistant Guava

Guava (Psidium guajava), is one of the important and major fruit of the Pakistan. It is also considered as the

IDC of Soybean in alkaline and calcareous soils

Soybean a miracle crop of the world and declared as golden bean, a meat that grows on earth. It is

Inoculation in legumes crops helpful in nitrogen fixation

The term inoculation is defined as the process in which coating of seeds with the desired species of bacteria which

Letdowns of seed producing sectors in Pakistan

Seed is very important in term of survival of plant species, further propagation and for food purpose. It plays an

Soybean a miracle oil seed crop of the world

Soybean (Glycine max) is an important oil seed crop of the world belongs to leguminous family. It is short day,

Ways to reduce import bills of edible oils in Pakistan

Being an agriculture country, Pakistan is still facing shortage of edible oils. Pakistan is ranked 3rd among the largest importers