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Quince an important fruit

Quince is a hard, acid pear shaped fruit used in preserves or used as flavoring. Botanical name of quince is

Seed priming

Priming allows some of the metabolic processes necessary for germination to occur without germination take place. In seed priming, seeds

Rise in Sea level and its impact on agriculture

Sea level rise refers to long term average sea level rise relative to the local land level. Currently sea level

Marketing constraints in agriculture

Marketing constraints in agriculture: The term agricultural marketing is composed of two words agriculture and marketing. Agriculture means activities aimed

Biotechnology a key to produce nutrients enriched food

Biotechnology: A range of tools that use living organism for making or modifying a product, improve  plant, animals or trees

Food security – a burning issue

Food is the basic need of man as such food security is vital for its independence and honorable living among

Agricultural water productivity to ensure food security

Pakistan is the country whose economy is (21%) based upon agriculture. At least 7% of country population is adopted to

Agriculture required government policies in GDP

First of all, that what is agriculture, Agriculture means the cultivation of land and rearing or rising of animals for

Energy crisis in Pakistan and its issues

Energy crisis is a burning issue in Pakistan today.With the increasing population the demand for energy has increased but the

Diamer-Basha dam construction helps in agriculture

Diamer-Basha is a Concrete solid filled dam which is started to be constructing on Gilgit Baltistan on Indus River. Melting