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Care of preterm babies with artificial placenta

Bringing a human life into this world is a difficult and painful process. A process that mothers endeavor in order

Neuroprosthetics: a future for human and machine

Neuroprosthetics: The 21st century also known as the digital age is an era marked by rapid adoption of information technologies.

Phage game: allies of the post antibiotic era

Phage Game: Apocalypse caused by super resistant bacteria seems quite unimaginable. But as a matter of fact the war between

Lactose Intolerance – a normal abnormality

Can you imagine a life without your favorite dairy products? Coming home on a hot summer day and not being

3D bio-printing of organs: Science-fiction or reality?

Science in a Flash  – Artificial generation of tissues and organs has been a reality waiting to happen. Attempts are

Breast cancer dilemma: If you can’t compete it, manage it

Breast Cancer Dilemma: Like any other machine human cells are prone to natural wear and tear with time and utilization.