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Three nations similar strategy to battle pink bollworm

Three nations utilized a similar strategy to battle a similar irritation on a similar harvest, however they had uncontrollably various

Why IPM adoption is lower in developing countries

Why IPM adoption is lower in developing countries? Regardless of their utility in shielding crops from irritations, a few bug

Virus helps onion thrips live longer, do more damage

Onion harvests are defenseless against an infection known as Iris yellow spot infection (IYSV), which they procure from creepy crawly

Challenges to world agriculture in the 21st century

World Agriculture in the 21st century will confront three noteworthy difficulties: how to encourage a developing total populace. How to

Gel based vermin control could repulse bugs

Researchers have utilized best in class innovation to develop gel-based bearers known as nano gels that convey pheromones to repulse

Mosquito having hunger for further mosquitoes

Researchers in Harris County, Texas have thought of what could prompt a superior method for delivering, in their words, “lab-raised,

Manipulation of insects in eco-farming

According to the recent estimates here are approximately 7 million species in the world. Insects are the tiny creatures of