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Photochemical smog: Digging our own grave

Photochemical smog causes many diseases and disorders in human body. Nitrogen oxide causes heart and lungs disorder as well as

Allelochemicals the smart solution for pest management

Allelochemicals have inhibitory effects on the growth and development of pests. Thus, farmers are using as alternatives of chemicals for

Role of Conservation Agriculture in Climate Change Mitigation

Role of Conservation Agriculture in Climate Change Mitigation Nasir Ali1, ImdadUllah1, Dr. Rashid Fayyaz2 1 Department of Agronomy, University of

Cotton-Wheat cropping system: constraints and management

Cotton-Wheat are very important crops grown in Pakistan. These two crops have a very important role in the economy of

Stevia: A sweet gift for diabetes patients

Stevia is a plant species which belongs to family Asteraceae. It is maybe novel among diet components since it’s most

Intensive grazing management system

Intensive grazing management system (MIG) alludes to  a few nibbling structures. Dairy and other animals brush a little part of