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Reduction of methane emission by the use of essential oil

Nauman Iftikhar1*, Rao Zahid Abbas1, Hammad Ur Rehman Bajwa1, Muhammad Uzair Asghar1, Faisal Saleem1, Muhammad Adeel Arshad2, Shehryaar Shahid2, Wasim

Veterinary and public health importance of mange

Mites are the ectoparasites of humans and animals, their predilection site is skin. Scabies is skin infection caused by mites

Wild plants as source of ailment curing

In the plant kingdom, we can divide plants into four different groups. These groups are mosses and liverworts, ferns, gymnosperms,

Food and water borne parasitic transmission

Food is the basic necessity of mankind for their well-being and nourishment. Raw vegetables, fruits and other food commodities are