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Open source technologies introduces by Uber

Artificial intelligence(AI) has been an atypical technology trend. In a traditional technology cycle, innovation typically begins with startups trying to

Genetically engineered mosquito opposes spreading any form of dengue

The mosquito borne disease marked by fever, rash, and debilitating pain results from any of four genetically distinct versions of

Colgate introduces recyclable toothpaste tube

The oral care brand Colgate introducing a vegan certified toothpaste that comes in an “industry-first” recyclable tube. Colgate wants to

China secures gap with United States on research expenses

According to statistics assembled by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) the gap in research and development (R&D) funding between

World’s 1st living machine produces with frog cells & Artificial Intelligence

What happens when you take cells from frog embryos and grow them into new organisms that were “evolved” by algorithms?

Lanzhou University Chinese Government Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded)

Applications are invited to apply for the Lanzhou University Chinese Government Scholarship 2020 to pursue a Masters or Doctoral Degree from Lanzhou University. All-Academic Fields

Samsung’s Motorola Razr killer is called the Galaxy Bloom, launches 11 February

The much-anticipated foldable is set to launch at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in February Samsung Galaxy’s clamshell folding phone – its

Nuclear Power: The Road to a Carbon Free Future

Thirty countries currently operate nuclear power plants. More than two dozen others are looking at nuclear energy to meet their

Chemists Have Found a Productive Use for Stockpiles of Nuclear Waste

Chemists have found a new use for the waste product of nuclear power transforming an unused stockpile into a versatile

Despite turmoil in Middle East, this tech entrepreneur is providing thousands of jobs for women there

The mounting tension between the U.S. and Middle East adds to the long list of challenges citizens there are facing. Lack of