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Deception, society and science

Deception is described here in relationship with different fields of knowledge, including science and technology. Deception is an illegal or

Quantum mechanics as absurd as nature

Quantum mechanics is a branch of fundamental physics which deals with nature and behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. It

Game theory and John Nash

Game theory is a mathematical framework for science of strategies. Key contributors in this field are mathematicians John von Neumann

Scientific thinking and the development

Rudiments of scientific thinking are empirical observation, logic and comparison. It can help a society in its quick and meaningful

General Relativity and our Universe

General Relativity is the most accepted model of large scale universe. This article describes, in a brief and simplified manner,

Atmospheric aerosols and the climate change

Aerosols are fine dust like particles which can suspend in the atmosphere for weeks to months until their deposition on

Remembering the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Accident (26 April 1986)

An analysis is presented here about the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident which occurred on 26 April 1986 discussing only the

Metropolitan & industrial wastes, environment and the society

Presence and disposal of metropolitan & industrial wastes influence the environment considerably. Sometimes, this influence is significant. We have to

Albert Einstein – a brief look on his life and work

Einstein’s contribution to the understanding of physical reality is more than any other scientist in the entire history. His special

Science Communication & Popularization

Useful analysis and discussion are presented here about popularization of science. Basic considerations for popular science and science popularization include