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Using Liquid Nitrogen for ice-cream production

Like every other person on earth, you may have eaten hundreds or even thousands of ice-cream scoops, not only in

Neuroscientists discover ‘Endorestiforum Nucleus’ in brain

George Paxinos and his colleagues at Neuroscience Research Australia in November 2018, discovered new part Endorestiforum Nucleus in the human

Zombie Gene in Elephants protects against cancer

Zombie Gene in Elephants: All the living organisms are made up of cells. During the whole life of an individual


An almond shaped set of neurons located deep inside the brain, mainly responsible for the generation of emotions, is called

Genes that suppress Cancer

 Like all the other genes that control our characteristics, there are specific genes in the human DNA that   controls the

CAR-T treatment – modern way to cure Cancer

CAR-T treatment is a major breakthrough in the history of cell treatment. The CAR-T treatment is made to address one type

Food Allergy: “The Big Eight”

“The Big Eight” allergens include eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, shellfish, soy and wheat. The most common example of

Headache: The most common pain

Pain in any region of head including forehead, above ears, behind the head or even in the neck region is

Dopamine: The ultimate uplifiting highs

Simply described as a neurotransmitter, dopamine is an amine produced inside the human body that is responsible for carrying the

Gut Flora – The bacteria that’s helpful

Bacteria and other microorganisms live inside the gastrointestinal tract (digestive system) of animals, including humans. Majority of these bacteria are