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Holistic lifestyle without Sacrificing your daily routine

Mental health is an important aspect of our life and should never be neglected at any cost over other priorities

Giraffe mammal decline across African Savannah

Giraffe represents an iconic land mammal reminiscent of the African Savannah; and is one of the most fascinating land animals

Pakistani media can compete in conservation efforts

Pakistan has been undergoing significant loss of various endangered species at an accelerated rate due to a multitude of anthropogenic

Global loss of insect species

A recent international article by leading global scientists and researchers published in the journal Conservation Biology has warned us about

Leopard conservation – a neglected issue

Leopard are one of the most neglected and persecuted big wild cat species across the Middle East, Central Asia, Eurasia,

Big wild cats need our help for successful conservation

In 2018, WWF has released and outstanding poster depicting the sad demise of big wild cats around the planet. The

Global endangered mammals conservation needs to be priority

Mammals constitute an important section of global wildlife and biodiversity; and are distributed across all the continents and oceans. However,

Alarming State of wildlife conservation

Alarming state of wildlife: The 2018 World Wildlife poster released by WWF provides alarmingly dismal fact regarding big wild cat populations

Integrated Habitat Development – Biodiversity

Integrated habitat development is a new (biodiversity conservation) concept in which ecosystem development is initiated using nature based measures and/or

Need for developing a pollinator (bee) app

Insect pollinators in peril : Anthropogenic factors are leaving big footprints in our natural ecosystems and environments around the planet negatively