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Leech therapy for cancer patients

Leech Therapy: Hematophagous animals including leeches have been known to possess biologically active compounds in their secretions, especially in their

Fleas a common household pest

Not only are fleas a terrible nuisance to our pets, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. Here are a

Super bugs – can they be stopped

The term super bugs was originally coined “by the media to describe bacteria that cannot be killed using multiple antibiotics.”

Eco-friendly sterile insect technique

The sterile insect technique is a control method for insects. This method is better than insecticidal spray because it is

Nasal Bot Flies of Sheep

These are larvae or maggot of Oestrus ovis also called nasal bot fly which are mostly present in sheep and

Zoonotic Diseases: A serious public health concern

Zoonotic diseases are naturally transmitted between animal and human. The zoonotic diseases infections transmitted between animals and people which cause sickness

Effect of Climate change on Insect population

In recent studies sharp decline is reported in the population of beneficial insects due to climate change. According to some

Zika Virus: A Serious Threat to Humans

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne re-emerging disease belongs to family flavivirus. The virus causes birth defects in babies born to some infected

Mosquito repellent plants

Mosquitoes get their meal by sucking blood from the animal or human beings. Mosquitoes are dreadful in a sense that

Dengue vaccine and its complications

In recent years, vaccine for dengue virus infection has been developed which not only stop first infection but also to