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Google AI translation adds 60 new languages

The prevalent tech giant Google is rolling out a significant update to the camera feature on its Translate app. The

HEC to initiate a two-year associate degree program

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced to initiate a two year Associate Degree program by the coming next year to

Photovoltaic cell to generate electricity and clean water

Million people around the world currently lack easy access to clean water and electricity at the flick of a switch.

Exomoons escape from planets become ‘ploonets’

Scientists have dubbed that moons escape their planets and become liberated worlds “ploonets,” and say that current telescopes may be

Nerve transfer surgery – a revolution for paralyzed

Surgeons in Australia successfully attached nerves connected to working muscles above the spinal injury to nerve attached to paralyzed muscle

NAVTTC, Huawei to train Pakistan’s ICT trainers

National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd has selected 17 ICT trainers to

Facebook to put Libra cryptocurrency on hold

The US democratic heads requesting the leading social platform Facebook to halt development on its Libra cryptocurrency until lawmakers have

Worldwide Photovoltaic solar energy models created

Danish researchers developed photovoltaic (PV) models for how much energy PV systems produce in a major research project at the

Airplane contrails a potent cause of global warming

Global climate-warming carbon emissions are mounting day by day and the aviation industry has been criticized but a new study

3D printed plastic molds to cure baldness

Columbia researchers created new way to grow human hair follicles with the help of 3D-printed molds. This creation opens unlimited