PTA raids illegal gateway exchange in Gujrat

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken stringent measures in recent times to ensure the improved telecommunication services through barring the illegal gateway exchanges. PTA unearthed a grey trafficker in Gujrat recently. The raid was conducted by special team of PTA.

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) team work in close coordination with PTA in identification and stopping these grey traffickers and joint raids are conducted in several areas. The Gujrat grey trafficker housed an illegal VOIP comprised of multiple ports. Other equipments such as laptops, SIMs, switches, and modems were confiscated.

Chairman PTA, Dr Ismail Shah said, “The monitoring team of PTA is quite proactive and the successful raids are the result of intensive homework and persistent efforts of the team. These initiatives are mandatory in order to keep a check on the operator and curtail the interruptions in the authorized operators service that get halted due to grey operators”.

Earlier on, PTA also imposed ban on distribution, selling and usage of cordless DECT phones as they were also causing severe deterring in the quality of telecommunication services due to frequency overlapping. These steps are important to revive the trust of ICT and telecommunication industry and stakeholders to attract more investment by creating an enabling atmosphere and identifying and quashing the nefarious elements through stern actions.


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