PTA workshop focuses on mobile money

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The mobile phone sector in Pakistan has shown an enormous growth which has creating striking opportunities for service providers and consumers to utilize mobile networks for carrying out various daily life tasks such as financial transactions.

PTA Chairman Dr. Syed Ismail Shah said this during a workshop on Mobile Money at the PTA headquarters in Islamabad.

He said that Pakistan has now moved in the era of broadband. By the end of February 2016, there are 29.8 million broadband users that makes broadband teledensity 15 per cent and it has great potential for broadband proliferation.

The Chairman further said that branchless banking is a modern facility which will have positive impact on the GDP growth of the country and will be beneficial for people of Pakistan as well.

Earlier, Dr. Saleem, Director General, PTA, in his opening remarks said that PTA and SBP are also working on mobile banking regulation with aim to continue mutual coordination for setting up a fair and non-discriminatory regulatory framework for the mobile banking service providers.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 11

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