PTCL, Dailymotion join h and s for digital services

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STAFF REPORT ISB: PTCL has heralded a new age of video digital services in the country by bringing Dailymotion to Pakistan.

The joint venture will offer improved viewing experience to PTCL customers, coupled with a wide-range of entertainment content and multi-screen viewing options.

Dailymotion – one of the largest video and user generated content platform – consumes a significant portion of the broadband traffic in Pakistan and with this partnership PTCL has paved the way for the legitimacy of Pakistani content on Dailymotion portal.

“PTCL is spearheading the spread of digital services culture in Pakistan and this move will augment the growth of local content industry and talent as well as open up new opportunities and better monetization for Pakistans content industry,” Walid Irshaid, President and CEO PTCL, said at the occasion.He also said that this partnership will also add a new dimension to our digital services platforms and will enable PTCL to offer wide range of entertainment products to our customers and reach audiences from diverse demographics.

Vincent Martin, VP Distribution and Business Development, Dailymotion, said at the occasion, “We see Pakistan as a country with huge potential and this joint venture will result in an increase in the online video viewing on Dailymotion and hence advertisement.”


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 19

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