PTCL unveils Pro Android Smartphone

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Staff Report ISLAMABAD: The PTCL has recently introduced 3G Evo enabled Smartphone, IVIO Icon Pro is the Android power smartphone which has both EVO and GSM functionality.
According to press release, the 3G enabled Android Smartphone with blazing Fast 3G speeds of EVO wireless broadband offers dual support for Wi-Fi and 3G, IVIO Icon Pro lets one browse 24/7 without any limitations.
The product lets its users surf n talk simultaneously while on-the-move and that too at 3G speeds. The best thing is its not GSM network specific, meaning all GSM subscribers can use the IVIO ICON PRO without worrying about any GSM network restrictions.
Android 2.2 Froyo OS – packed with a full web browser and an entire suite of Google Apps and access to over 250 thousand applications from the android market, EVO Icon Pro lets you communicate, surf, navigate, play games, stream videos and do a lot more simultaneously; while on the move.


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