Punjab Gov takes back decision of 19.5% internet tax hike

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STAFF REPPORT LHR: The Punjab Government has reversed the decision of imposition of 19.5% tax on internet after facing much rebuttal from stakeholders including cyber merchants, telecommunication companies, broadband and ICT companies, students and various corporate circles. Shehbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab announced this in a meeting held on the issue.

The Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Dr Umar Saif was very vocal in addressing the Punjab Government to reverse the decision of tax imposition and he successfully persuaded the elite of the province to absorb the positive criticism and decide on merits in larger interest of all stakeholders.

Umar Saif said while commenting on the decision, “Punjab is the first province to make this progressive move at the cost Rs 5 billion to provincial tax collection and this decision is commendable, I hope the telcos pass this on to consumers”.


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