Solar Dryer technology introduced by PARC to improve production of date farmers

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ISLAMABAD: The Solar-cum-Gas Fired Date Dryer to dehydrate dates developed by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is said to reduce post-harvest losses and improve the quality of dates.

According to details, five solar drying systems have already been installed in Khairpur and Sukkur Region of Sindh Province at Pano Aquil, Pryalo, Pir Jo Goth, Therhi and Hayyat Solangi in the date production areas of Sindh. At these sites, PARC has also conducted training sessions for local farmers and date growers with regard to usage and maintenance of these systems in order to benefit from this technology in increasing their production as well as producing quality dates.

The farmers’ capacity building program would help increase capability and understanding of the farmers and equip themselves with proper drying techniques of dates for the upcoming seasons. The farmers can also use this system to dry other fruits.This technology can also help farmers improve their production and enhance their income by producing high-quality dates and other fruits. This system would help meet the national goal of food security in the country.

These activities are being conducted under the SAARC development funded project titled “Postharvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits in Production Catchments in SAARC Countries”. The Pakistan Component of Agricultural Engineering Division (AED) of PARC is also overseeing the project with the assistance of AZRI Technology Field Station, located in Khairpur (Sindh).

Dr Munir Ahmad, Chief Scientist and Director General (AED) PARC is leading a team of scientists, which includes Dr Muhammad Abbas Bhutto, Senior Scientific Officer / Incharge AZRI Technology Field Station-Khairpur; Furrukh Ehsan, Asif Anwar and Sheraz Ahmad Anjum. The delegation is actively working for the transfer of this technology among the farmers and date growers in the country.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 25

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